Ron Campbell, DDS

The chorus from a popular country song by Rascal Flatt’s says,  “God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you,”, which might best describe my path.  I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and started my working career as an ironworker.  Becoming a journeyman ironworker remains one of the proudest accomplishments of my life.  While doing some work for my church I ran into the love of my life, Sherry. 

After marriage we decided a career in the medical industry would fit our family lifestyle better.  I worked iron by day and studied medical technology by night, and ended up moving halfway across the country to Wichita, Kansas,  where I worked multiple jobs at a time until I got my degree from Wichita State University.  I went to work as a medical technologist and thought I had made my last career change.  But I was wrong.

While in school, I worked for a large pharmaceutical corporation that offered me a promotion I couldn’t refuse right after I graduated.  I would spend the next decade or so moving up the corporate ladder, getting a Master of Business Administration degree, relocating a number of times between Arizona, Iowa and Oklahoma.  By the time we landed in Owasso, we had 4 children, a couple of dogs and a solid career.  We knew we wanted to stay in Owasso for good, but the company didn’t see it that way. 

In 2001 I got my moving papers once again.  Sherry and I talked it over and made two big decisions.  I would quit my quit my job and start back to school for yet another degree, a dental degree.  There was just one problem.

The only school in Oklahoma was in Oklahoma City and we had already made the decision that our family was to stay in Owasso.  The only way to earn my dental degree was to commute to Oklahoma City, rent an apartment during the week, come home on the weekends and work part-time as a medical technologist to make ends meet.

Fortunately, while in dental school I made friends with Matt Hookom, a classmate. His God-father, Kelly Brown founded Custom Dental, a unique model that helps dentists be in the business for themselves but not by themselves.  After studying this intriguing concept and meeting with Dr. Brown, we decided to give it a run.  However I was still in for a small detour.
Once we came to an operational agreement it became obvious that the process of starting my own practice was going to take over 18 months.  With dental school bills and family obligations staring me in the face I knew I would need to find employment to hold us over.  I worked as a dentist employee for an office in northeast Oklahoma.  Although it wasn’t where my heart was, it was a good professional experience and a much needed paycheck.
As you can see my path to an Owasso dental practice had detours caused by many broken roads but I am finally here. The only part of my story that is still missing is meeting you.  Please come by or give us a call.  I would love to know your story.


"If for any reason you're not delighted with my service during the entire first year as my patient; let me know and I will cheerfully refund 110% of what you paid up to your first $1,000 of treatment."
- Dr. Ron Campbell

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